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Caring for the world around us

At Grünenthal, caring for the world around us is a big part of who we are. We have a long tradition of supporting projects that have a positive impact on people and communities, from palliative care and charity activities through to environmental protection.

We actively engage in projects that help people increase their quality of life – in line with our vision of a world free of pain. Here are just a few examples.

Clean Workspace Week

Our team in Spain has been engaging in a unique project that combines recycling with support for people in need. In just one week, they collected 1,788 kilograms of paper for recycling through a “clean workspace” activity at our office in Madrid – and they then donated the same weight of food to the Food Bank Foundation of Madrid.
The partnership with this organisation has been in place since 2013. So far, Grünenthal employees have donated around 21,500 kilograms of food in total. As a result, the foundation presented Grünenthal with its 2018 Communication Award in recognition of our local team’s outstanding contribution to its cause.
Grünenthal employees also support this organisation through volunteering activities. In December and January, colleagues from our Madrid office went to the organisation’s warehouse to help classify the food collected during one of its campaigns – so that it could be redistributed to some of the 300,000 people living in poverty in Madrid.

Expanding access to palliative care

2018 marked the 50th anniversary of Grünenthal’s presence in Peru. Our innovative medicines are improving the lives of people in this country – and so is our commitment to improving palliative care, which is still very basic in many areas of Latin America. In Peru, for example, around 100,000 patients are seeking access to palliative medicine, but there are only about 100 qualified palliative care specialists. Improvement is urgently needed.
In October 2018, the Grünenthal Foundation for Palliative Medicine, the Department of Palliative Medicine at the Medical Faculty of RWTH Aachen University, Germany, the Peruvian Society for Palliative Care and the National University of San Marcos organised the international Congress on Palliative Care in Lima. It aimed to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and skills related to treating people in the final phase of life, while also raising awareness about the importance of providing high-quality palliative medicine among the scientific and political communities, as well as across society.

Dynamo Camp

Under the motto “Un Sorriso per Chi Soffre" (A Smile for Those who Suffer), employees from Grünenthal Italy are taking a proactive approach to supporting social projects. One example is our partnership with a therapeutic recreation camp in Tuscany known as Dynamo Camp. It’s a free holiday camp for children aged six to seventeen who are either in therapy or in the post-hospitalisation period. By offering facilities such as a climbing wall that is specially designed to be suitable for disabled, wheelchair bound or recovering children, it provides a life-changing opportunity to experience a real recreational holiday complete with sport, play and relaxation.
An initial group of Grünenthal employees volunteered at Dynamo Camp in 2018, with more expected to join them in 2019. In fact, the team in Italy aims to further increase its contribution to social and community projects over the coming 12 months and beyond.

Drug donation

Not everyone in the world can access the medicine they need when they need it. In places that have been hit by natural catastrophes or human disasters, long-suffering patients are unable to access a continuous supply of our medications. We are determined to address this issue so are partnering with “action medeor”, a non-profit organisation in Germany.
Experts in the handling of drug donations, action medeor make sure our donations are delivered with relevant patient information leaflets in English, French or Spanish and other required documents as well as ensuring goods are safely store until they need to be transported to patients. We are committed to following the WHO Guidelines for Drug Donations and to the “Good Drugs Donation Practice (GDDP)”.