SIP Focus Groups 2013

New set-up: SIP 2013 Focus Groups

For 2013 the SIP Programme Committee came up with a new setup for the SIP annual event. After three SIP Symposia, name, structure and contents changed: that year the first SIP 2013 Focus Groups were organized: two days, two different groups, two distinct topics of interest!

During the last three years the European Pain Federation (EFIC®) and Grünenthal have organized three symposia on the Societal Impact of Pain (SIP) in Europe. Each symposium lasted two days and introduced different aspects of the management of chronic pain, such as "pain in the elderly", "future pain therapy" or "models of commissioning pain care".

For 2013 the SIP Programme Committee had decided to organize two SIP Focus Groups, each one focusing on one particular topic. The Focus Groups were thereby closely following one of the seven goals of the "SIP - Road Map for Action", which had been the key result of the SIP symposium 2011.

The SIP Focus Groups took place on 14 and 15 May in Brussels. The location for the Focus Groups was the Renaissance Hotel and the EU Parliament. Participants of the SIP Focus Groups were politicians and policy-makers, health care professionals, patient advocacy groups, representatives of health authorities or insurances, labor unions.

The aim for SIP is to raise awareness of the impact of chronic pain, to exchange information and share best-practices across the European Union and to develop and foster policy strategies and activities to improve pain care in Europe. The aim for the Focus Groups is to come up with "SIP Recommendations" and a "SIP Proposal for Action".

SIP Focus Group 1 - Result from interactive working session

SIP Recommendations for pain as quality indicator for chronic non-malignant pain management.

Key Result from the SIP 2013 Focus Group 1, which took place in Brussels on 14 May, is a working document on "Recommendations on the European Implementation of Quality Indicators in Chronic Non-Malignant Pain Management". The document was discussed by all Focus Group participants and will serve as basis for future working sessions on the proposed European set of indicators to measure the quality of pain services and management outcomes.

Read here the SIP 2013 Recommendations Working Document.
Read here the Spanish Translation of the SIP 2013 Recommendations Working Document

Background: Please find here the English translation of the Monograph of the Spanish Pilot Project on "Good Practice Indicators for Pain Management", supervised by Pedro J. Saturno and Francisco López Soriana (University of Murcia), & Antón Herreros (FUINSA).

SIP Focus Group 2 - Result from Discussion

SIP Proposal for Action - signed by Focus Group 2

During SIP 2013 Focus Group 2, which took place in the European Parliament, Brussels, on 15 May, the "SIP Proposal for Action: Using European Best Practices for the Reintegration of Chronic Pain Patients into the Workforce" was discussed. The Proposal for Action is based upon key success factors from five national best practice projects from different EU countries. Amongst others, the group calls upon European governments to take into account:

  1. Strong, early involvement of stakeholders […] to ensure a holistic and collaborative approach towards the successful implementation of future projects.
  2. Development of guidelines for healthcare professionals […]
  3. Development and implementation of chronic pain patient education programmes and chronic pain patient activity/work programmes […]
  4. Continuous monitoring/governance and evaluation systems […] and risk-management procedures to ensure consistent, quality outcomes.

Please read here the final SIP 2013 Proposal for Action.
Please read here the Spanish Translation of the SIP 2013 Proposal for Action Working Document.
Please see here the German Translation of the SIP 2013 Proposal for Action (external link to ALPADOC (Association Luxembourgeoise des Patients à Douleurs Chroniques / Luxemburg Association of Chronic Pain Patients).

188 endorsing organisations for SIP 2013!

An incredible support of the scientific aims of SIP 2013!

188 international and national patient advocacy groups, scientific organisations and health authorities have shown their support: Please find here the final list of SIP 2013 Endorsing Organisations.

SIP 2013 Final Programme

Societal Impact of Pain (SIP) Focus Groups 2013, 14 - 15 May, Brussels

The two Focus Groups of SIP 2013 concentrated on two topics: "Pain as Quality Indicator of Outcome" and "Chronic Pain in the Working Population". More information on the two Focus Groups' topics, you can find in the SIP 2013 Final Programme.