Work and family


Harmonious work-life balance for satisfied and productive employees

A good balance between work and private life is a decisive basis for satisfaction and long-term productivity from which employees and the company equally profit. We support our staff in fulfilling family and professional requirements and challenges to the same extent.

Dr. Heinz-Gerd Suelmann, Head of Global HR at Grünenthal says, “If we want to succeed in the competition for talent, then we have to define the subject compatibility of work and family as a strategic company objective. Therefore, a distinctly family-conscious human resources policy is a priority for us both operatively and in the context of our company’s culture.”

With this target in mind we have created concepts in the past few years to improve the conditions on compatibility of work and family. Since the first participation in the “Audit berufundfamile” in 2010 various concepts have been put in place.

Currently this includes:

  • flexible working hours
  • different part-time models
  • a company agreement on Home Office
  • the possibility of profiting from part-time nursing care with a voluntary care allowance
  • children’s holiday fun and games
  • an emergency service for arranging childcare
  • and care of relatives and health promoting measures.

Approximately 1800 employees at Grünenthal in Germany can take advantage of these family-conscious measures.

Receipt of the new certificate in June 2014

In 2011 Grünenthal was awarded the “Audit berufundfamilie” (an audit of the possibilities of combining professional and family commitments) for its family-conscious human resources policy. Grünenthal sees the audit as a strategic management instrument and conscious self-commitment for further development in a family-conscious human resources policy. Therefore the company had a re-audit in 2014 to check the efficacy of the introduced measures and in so doing the current status of the company with regard to the compatibility of work and family was checked again in general. With the receipt of the new certificate Grünenthal’s family-conscious human resources policy was officially confirmed for the second time in succession by the auditors.

Up until the next re-auditing in three years Grünenthal is planning the introduction of further measures such as testing other working hour flexibility options, the active promotion of further implementation of Home Office and further awareness of all managerial staff on all levels on the subject compatibility of work and family. The foundation stone was already laid in May 2014 for the children’s day care center in close proximity to the company. From January 2015 70 places will be available in the bilingual facility of which 50 places are for Grünenthal only. More information in German language on the the children’s day care center can be found at: