Remuneration and bonus systems

Uniformity and transparency: We reward performance

Christina Weber - Senior Director Global Rewards & Int. Assignments

Commitment, responsibility and satisfaction of the employees are pre-requisites to be able to manage a successful company.

Christina Weber
Senior Director Global Rewards & Int. Assignments


Grünenthal’s remuneration philosophy aims to create a fair and uniform basis for all salaries, incentive systems and benefits in the company. It defines the basic principles in which our corporate culture and values characterized by transparency, honesty and fairness are reflected together with their global and company-specific use.

In order to guarantee this uniformity we have introduced an analytical job evaluation system, the “Global Grading System” which is valid world-wide and ensures a transparent and market-orientated global organization structure.

This system also forms the basis for our personnel development with a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities together with consistent salary structures within the Grünenthal Group so that everyone knows how they can shape their own personal development.