Ambassador Kay

Meet Kay

Patient Ambassador Kay

Kay uses a strategy which is all about keeping control. To her this means choices: 'No matter what we are living with, we always have choices'

We all associate a new baby with joy, but for Kay on this particular day whilst one family celebrated a new life Kay’s life was almost taken away. Kay sustained a catastrophic lower back injury whilst assisting with a home birth. Kay has been re-born with determination, strength and by embracing choices.

Patient Ambassador – UK

As a nurse and midwife, Kay spent her career physically supporting and lifting patients. One night, as she was assisting in a home birth, Kay injured her lower back when the baby made a rapid entrance. The mother and child were fine, but Kay would never work again. After a year of referrals, tests, and chronic pain, she was diagnosed with lower back trauma.

With no surgery available to fix Kay’s back, the pain continued, and a severe depression set in. Kay struggled with the emotional burden of her pain for years. Determined to find a way to manage the pain, she worked with her chronic pain specialist to find a treatment plan that worked for her. Kay also rediscovered her spirituality and found that thinking more holistically helps her to gain the strength she needs to fight her pain. She’s no longer afraid to ask for assistance when she needs it.

As a Patient Ambassador, Kay encourages others living with chronic pain to communicate openly with their healthcare teams and to never give up hope.

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