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Vision & Mission

“Innovation is at the heart of everything that we do. It’s the driving force behind new ideas and future therapies. Innovation is more than just the development of new medications. It’s about expanding our knowledge, exploring new and different treatment approaches, exploiting technologies and harnessing big data. We want to improve patients’ lives. That’s why we continually seek opportunities to innovate.“

Klaus-Dieter Langner

Chief Scientific Officer

At Grünenthal, our passion for innovation plays out in all that we do:

  • Commitment to R&D: We are constantly striving for best-in-class solutions for our patients by investing in our own R&D and in building global scientific Networks.
  • International focus: Our innovation is truly global. We have established worldwide collaborations to ensure that patients around the world experience the benefits of our R&D efforts and innovative solutions.
  • Broad in-house competence: We have R&D capabilities that span from idea generation to the launch of innovative therapies.
  • The R&D engine: Our R&D ensures that the business goals are being met by delivering innovative solutions to patients. We have a track record of successful product launches and partnerships to prove this.