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Quentin Le Masne de Chermont

Quentin Le Masne de Chermont (Head Corporate Strategy)

Quentin Le Masne de Chermont, Head Corporate Strategy

“Our company has a strong track record – and our strategy is guiding our efforts to build an even stronger future.”

Quentin Le Masne de Chermont

Head Corporate Strategy

Making clear plans and bringing them to life – that is all in a day’s work for Quentin Le Masne. He joined Grünenthal in 2019, after spending eight years at Bain & Company, where he helped to create game-changing business strategies for companies across the healthcare sector. As our Head of Corporate Strategy and Portfolio Management, it is his job to drive the development and implementation of initiatives, at the interface of Strategy, Commercial, R&D and Operations, that keep Grünenthal moving towards its ambitious targets for the future.

This role motivates Quentin to work together with people from across our company to make sure our key projects achieve great results for Grünenthal and the patients we serve. His academic background in chemistry and biology, along with his business experiences, gives him a strong capacity to integrate multiple perspectives into our business plans, and makes him a key player in our company’s present – and its future.