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If you move to another town your everyday life as a new employee but also for your family members has to be reorganised. In order to make the arrival at a new place of work easier, we have compiled a few pieces of useful information and other links:

Newcomer Service

Get to know Aachen at the Newcomer Friday which is free of charge and exchange with other newcomers. Registrations for the free of charge Newcomer Friday under newcomerservice@mail.aachen.de or check the upcoming activity dates at http://www.aachen.de.

Place of residence & flat/house hunting

Please note that your secondary place of residence in Aachen has to be registered and is subject to taxation. Registration/de-registration has to take place according to the Federal Registration Act within a certain time period. Please take more detailed information about this topic from the following links.


Informationen der Stadt Aachen zum Wohnungsmarkt

Service portal of Aachen. It informs you all about the subject of living in Aachen. (Available in German language only)


Aachen’s rent index (Mietspiegel) 2018

Aachen’s rent index provides information about the rent price levels in Aachen.


Citizen service (Bürgerservice)

Information about locations, opening times, contact person and services provided by the citizen service. These services can also - irrespective of where you live in the Aachen urban district - be made use of in all of the following listed district offices: Brand, Eilendorf, Haaren, Kornelimünster/Wahlheim, Laurensberg, Richterich.


Registration of place of residence (Wohnsitz anmelden)

If you have moved to Aachen, you have to register yourself and all other family members living in your household. Children who are of age have to register themselves personally. The obligation for registration exists with the actual process of moving into a flat irrespective of whether it is your sole, primary or secondary place of residence.


Registration/de-registrationof the secondary place of residence (Zweitwohnung, Nebenwohnung: anmelden, abmelden, ummelden )

The (free of charge) registration/de-registration according to the Federal Registration Act has to take place as of 01.11.2015 within two weeks after moving in to the new flat or after moving out of the previous flat (registration period up to 31.10.2015: within 7 days).


Information on the secondary place of residence tax (Informationen zur Zweitwohnungssteuer)

Anyone who after coming into force of the secondary place of residence tax order owns a secondary place of residence or anyone who becomes owner of a secondary place of residence in the city area or relinquishes such a property, has to report this to the town of Aachen, Department of Taxes and Treasury within one month. Provided you register and de-register according to NRW’s Registration Act at the citizen service centre or at one of the district offices or change your living status a separate notification to the Department of Taxes and Treasury of the town Aachen is no longer necessary.


Regional real estate search portal Kalaydo (Wohungssuche in dem regionalen Porta)

Properties, flats and houses from the region can be found via the regional real estate search portal.


Leading German real estate portal: ImmobilienScout 24

ImmobilienScout 24 is the leading real estate portal in the German-speaking Internet.

Mobility in Aachen and the Euregio


Mobility in Aachen: car, bus, railway

Information brochure “Aachen clever mobil” of the town Aachen on mobility: Out and about by bicycle, car, bus, railway or on foot


Cambio Car Sharing

Cambio is one of the largest independent CarSharing providers with over 74,350 customers and a fleet of more than 1,960 cars in 19 German and 32 Belgium towns. CarSharing with cambio works according to a simple principle: there are fixed stations in different places in the city zone. Your journey starts and ends at these stations. Cambio car can be booked by telephone, website or app.


The Road Traffic Licensing Department Aachen (Straßenverkehrsamt Aachen)

The Road Traffic Licensing Department A36 deals with car registration, driving licence registration, granting of approval of heavy load vehicles and haulage operations, special permits of speed limit 100 for holiday coaches and taxi concessions.


The environmental zone in Aachen

The environmental zone was introduced in Aachen on 1st February 2016. From this day onwards only cars with green emission stickers or special approval are allowed to drive in the environmental zone. The boundary of the environmental zone is orientated to the Aachen outer ring and includes all streets within this area. View the map of the environmental zone.


“Vennbahn” cycle track

Many employees use their bike to come to work due to Grünenthal’s favourable position in the immediate vicinity of the “Vennbahn” cycle track. Grünenthal is easy to reach via the “Vennbahn” cycle track not only for persons from Aachen’s city centre but also for employees living in neighbouring places such as Brand, Kornelimünster or Walheim. If you want to use a bicycle as the method of transport to come to work, please ask your HR contact person about JobBicylce. The acquirement of a JobBicycle has been sponsored by Grünenthal since 2015.


Aachen Transport Federation (AVV)

The Aachen suburban region and the districts Düren and Heinsberg belong to the Aachen Transport Federation. The AVV consists of 35 towns and communities over a surface area of 2,276 km².

In this district the following apply when using bus and railway:

  •  the AVV ticket system in all AVV bus lines and unlimited also in all local second -class trains,
  •  coordinated timetables,
  •  common customer information.

To make journeys over the borders of the AVV also for the tickets as simple as possible, AVV tickets can be used on many cross-border lines in the neighbouring regions.


Information brochures of the Aachen Transport Federation (AVV)

Information brochures and flyer on AVV regional fares, on NRW tariff, on cross-border tariffs in the neighbouring regions and different timetable brochures and leisure brochures.


Transport Federation Rhein-Sieg (VRS)

As Transport Federation Rhein-Sieg (VRS) the towns Cologne, Bonn, Leverkusen, Monheim as well as the administrative districts Rhein-Erft-Kreis, Rhein-Sieg-Kreis, Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis, Obergergischer Kreis and Kreis Euskirchen have joined forces. In this region the following apply when using public means of local transport

  •  uniform tickets and prices (VRS tariff),
  • coordinated timetables and
  • common information and services of the transport companies in the VRS.


The trains of the euregiobahn

The trains of the euregiobahn operate for you in a network, extending from Herzogenrath in the West to Düren in the East as well as from Alsdorf in the North to Stolberg in the South. The trains well-coordinated with the synchronised timetables in AVV provide you in addition with varied connection and transfer options to regional and municipal buses, Cologne’s transit expressway, the NRW regional transport in the direction of Düsseldorf, Cologne, Siegen, Mönchengladbach and in the Ruhr district as well as to the European long-distance trains (Thalys and ICE) in Aachen main railway station. View the timetable of the euregiobahn.


Information on cross-border mobility

Information on cross-border mobility (Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands)

  • Timetable information
  • Network plans
  • Fares

Daily newspapers and town magazine


Aachener Nachrichten

Daily newspaper for the town Aachen from the Aachen newspaper publisher.


Aachener Zeitung

Daily newspaper for the town Aachen from the Aachen newspaper publisher.


Supersonntag / Supermittwoch

Free weekly newspaper which is published in ten local editions in the Aachen suburban region as well as the districts Heinsberg and Düren and reports about local events.



Town magazine for Aachen and the Euregio. Provides important appointments, events and highlights in Aachen and surrounding area as well as reports about the cultural life.


The town magazine: Bad Aachen

The town magazine BAD AACHEN, an established monthly magazine since 1965 informs the citizens about the town. The town magazine is free of charge from the over 800 distribution points in Aachen and the Euregio.