The Euregio

Aachen (GER)

Aachen, the historic spa city with hot sulfur springs, was the favored residence of Charlemagne and the place of coronation of the Kings of Germany. The city’s cathedral is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage site and the city hall is a gem of Gothic architecture. But the city with a great past also looks ahead: with its many research centers and universities, Aachen shapes the future.

Maastricht (NL)

Maastricht is one of the three oldest cities of the Netherlands. The city grew out of a Roman post and the bridge which the Romans built over the river Maas gave the growing city its name. Its beautiful city center and the attractive riversides have made tourism one of Maastricht’s most important industries. The capital of the Dutch province Limburg is equipped with an administrative center, a university, a university hospital, and a large exhibition center.

Heerlen (NL)

Heerlen is part of the Dutch province Limburg and was founded as a Roman castrum. The city’s industrialization started at the beginning of the 20th century with coal mining. Within a hundred years, Heerlen’s population grew from 6,000 to 90,000 inhabitants. Today, with its former most important industry gone, Heerlen is the center of the “Open University” of the Netherlands with tens of thousands of students from all over the country. You also find the “Hogeschool Zuyd” here, a university of applied sciences with which Grünenthal maintains training cooperations. Moreover, Heerlen is renowned for its modern architecture. 

Liège (BE)

Liège is the most important tourist city of the region of Wallonia. In the Middle Ages, it was an important political and cultural center. Partly associated with the French Revolution, there was a revolution in Liège in 1789. Today, the city is home to the Université de Liège and a Catholic Bishop’s see and the heart of the continent’s coal and steel industry.

Eupen (BE)

Eupen is the capital of the German speaking community in Belgium. Its cultural attractions and monuments make the city very popular for tourists. The city is situated at the margin of nature reserve “Hohes Venn-Eifel” and celebrates carnival in a Rhenish tradition.