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27 February 2019

Discover the new look and explore the latest content on PainSolve


PainSolve aims to connect you with your peers and share knowledge – from basic or clinical research through to cognitive, behavioural and social science. It has recently been updated with new content to improve pain disease understanding.

Pain researchers at Grünenthal and around the world are connected by a common goal of creating innovative solutions and delivering them to patients in need. We launched PainSolve in 2018 to ‘connect the dots’ and facilitate collaboration and innovation in pain research.

PainSolve is a platform for pain researchers and scientists, which aims to provide a space for knowledge exchange and networking. We are pleased to announce a new update, including a new-look homepage and content to help improve disease understanding in pain research. We look forward to further continuing to evolve PainSolve with regular updates throughout 2019 – based on your feedback and preferences – to develop the platform into a tool that truly delivers added value to the pain research community.

Our latest updates include:

  • A summary article and recording of the inaugural PainSolve webinar hosted by Prof. Ulrike Bingel (University Hospital Essen, Germany), titled: ‘The Neurobiology of the Placebo Effect’
  • A new update article: ‘Living with pain: How can the patient experience inform your research?’
  • An expert blog post written by Prof. Páll Karlsson (Aarhus University, Denmark) which discusses the Diagnostic Challenges of Small Fibre Neuropathy
  • The Omics survey, currently open to PainSolve members, to aid our understanding of how the pain research community views the future of -omics research

If you’re interested in learning more about PainSolve, click here to visit the site, and don’t forget to register for future updates and access to PainSolve community activities.

“Pain is not a symptom: It's a disease in its own right and needs to be addressed with innovative treatments. At Grünenthal, we want to join forces with you to make a genuine difference in the life of patients affected by pain”

Gabriel Baertschi

Chairman of the Corporate Executive Board, Chief Executive Officer

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