Gaby Erkens

Senior Scientific Relations Manager

Past Awards

Winners 2014

In 2014, the EFIC® Scientific Research Committee received and reviewed 100 completed E-G-G applications from young scientists from 18 European countries and selected 7 research projects for funding, using a complex evaluation procedure.

The seven 2014 E-G-G winners : 

  • Dr Jamila ANDOH, Deutschland
    Circuits of pain memory in chronic pain patients
  • Dr Christopher BROWN, Großbritannien
    Markers of cortical reorganisation in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
  • Dr Franziska DENK, Großbritannien
    Epigenetics & pain - uncovering the mechanisms
  • Dr Katarina FORKMANN, Deutschland
    The attentional effects of peripheral and trigeminal pain in healthy subjects and patients with postherpetic neuralgia.
  • Dr Flavia MANCINI, Großbritannien
    Adaptive plasticity in the discrimination of noxious stimuli
  • Dr Diana TORTA, Belgien
    Cortical and peripheral beta oscillations in pain
  • Dr Andrea TRUINI, Italien
    Breaking dogmas: a neurophysiological and neuroimaging study showing that non-nociceptive Aß-fibres mediate paroxysmal pain in healthy humans

The winners were presented jointly by Grünenthal and EFIC® representatives during the Congress Opening Ceremony of this year’s EFIC® Congress ‘PAIN IN EUROPE IX’ in Vienna, Austria, from 2-5 September 2015.

“This year’s motto of the EFIC® congress was ‘Translating Evidence into Practice’ – and this is indeed what I feel we have to do”, Alberto Grua, Member of the Grünenthal Corporate Executive Board, commented. “Grünenthal as an entrepreneurial specialist, delivering true benefits to patients, appreciates the fruitful exchange of information and experience with courageous junior scientists. It helps us to identify treatment gaps and issues as well as potential solutions for new medications.”

Furthermore, the EFIC® gave previous E-G-G winners a platform to share the progress of their pain research projects at the EFIC® Symposium “New Findings in Clinical Pain Research” at the EFIC® Congress on 3rd September 2015.

Further information on the EFIC-GRÜNENTHAL Grant, previous winners and their projects can be found on the website


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