Production Sites

Production locations in five countries

Reliability in quality, excellence in supply performance and client orientation characterize Global Operations (“Production”) at Grünenthal. In 2009, our production locations were brought together under one global management. The six specialized plants produce Grünenthal’s products and serve external customers with about 50% of their capacity.

The global project organization Transfer & Strategy ensures a systematic and accelerated product and technology transfer from R&D to commercial production or Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs), or from customers to the individual production sites.

Our quality organization has a long track record of providing uniform, extensive, complete and professional Compliance Management according to international GMP standards and EHS (Environment, Health and Safety). The plants in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Ecuador, Chile and Brazil (under construction) encompass the complete supply chain from the production of the active substance, tablets or other formulations to final packaging and shipping.

Global Supply Chain links Global Operations with Grünenthal or with customer’s Marketing & Sales as well as Sourcing team and thus, ensures reliable patient care.

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