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Patient Ambassador Arnold

Arnold is now determined: 'I won't let pain control my life; instead I am learning to control my pain'

As a Policeman, someone we all associate with keeping us safe, in the course of his training Arnold wasn’t safe and was injured in a catastrophic way. As he entered a world living with pain he also embarked on a ‘binge’ that turned him from someone with pride into a 350lb unhappy stranger. He stared death in the face.

Patient Ambassador - UK

While serving as a police officer in 1988, Arnold suffered from numerous injuries during a training exercise. His debilitating injuries forced him to end his career early. Although the care he received from specialists helped his physical injuries heal, his pain never completely went away. On the contrary, it even worsened again due to complicating health factors. After several years of struggling with different medications, depression, and obesity, Arnold worked with his physician and neurologist to find some solutions to make the chronic pain more manageable.

Arnold is still living with chronic pain, but he is able to control it better and lives an active lifestyle. He now works as a radio presenter and enjoys photography and writing. Arnold concedes that his illness has had a very negative impact upon his personal and family life at times. But now that he is able to control his pain better, he loves spending time with his family and his six grandchildren.

As a Patient Ambassador, Arnold encourages others living with chronic pain to work actively with their healthcare teams and specialists to find a treatment plan that works for them.

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last update:  08 Sep 2014