Ambassador Edith

Meet Edith

Patient Ambassador Edith

Edith describes her pain: 'It was like a high pitched scream, constant, unending with no pause for breath'

Once a successful nurse, at the top of her profession, with a lovely home and husband and running abandoned animal shelter. Until one day, a simple fall changed her life forever. Her life with chronic pain began, and everything around her fell apart. How do you deal with that? How do you cope? How did Edith turn her life around?

Patient Ambassador - UK

As a nurse in charge of a home for the elderly, Edith lived a very active life. But when a fall seriously injured her back her life changed completely. She tried numerous surgeries to get rid of her pain, but Edith could not regain her previous mobility and was forced to retire early. After years of worsening pain and personal struggles, Edith finally found a specialist who helped her find a treatment plan that lessened her pain.

Further surgeries, alternative pain management techniques, and a new treatment plan have helped Edith return to a more active lifestyle. Even though her chronic pain still keeps her home some days, she is back to working again. She loves being with her supportive husband, family, friends, and five rescue dogs, who help her keep a positive outlook.

As a Patient Ambassador, Edith encourages others living with chronic pain to build a supportive relationship with their healthcare teams and to never give up.

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