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Patient Ambassador Esperanza

With a bright future ahead, the joy of a baby on the way and the happiness of a young couple starting out, everything was perfect. Then tragedy struck and a car crash changed Esperanza's life. The immediate impact was horrific. Coping with the loss of her unborn child took courage, courage which she needed again when the consequences of her trauma resurfaced later in life as chronic pain. Today despite everything life has thrown at her, Esperanza has put the past behind her, and now she has a new positive life as one of our Ambassadors. Her courage is now our courage, as we work together to improve the lives of all patients.

Patient Ambassador – Spain

Married to her high school sweetheart and three months pregnant with their first child, Esperanza was deeply happy with the direction of her life. But in an instant, her blissful world suddenly collapsed as a result of a serious car accident: she suffered neck injuries that required surgery, and she lost her baby. Although she was devastated emotionally, Esperanza’s loving husband comforted her as she worked through her grief. Physically, though, she could never fully find relief for her pain; she thought it was something she would have to accept.

Over the next few years, Esperanza’s joy returned as she gave birth to two children and found satisfaction working with her husband at his company. But the pressure of being a working mother was too much for her—especially when her health worsened, her pain intensified, and she became depressed. In time, specialists diagnosed Esperanza with several serious conditions, and, as a result, she had to leave her job. She began consulting with even more specialists, and in 1985 Esperanza was diagnosed with chronic pain and fibromyalgia.

Feeling emotionally fragile and desperate for help, Esperanza kept searching for the right treatment for her. In 2009, her specialist prescribed a new treatment for her chronic pain that has worked well for her with tolerable side effects. Now, Esperanza is moving forward with her life. She’s studying to become an occupational therapist to lend her support to people in need.

As a Patient Ambassador, Esperanza encourages others living with chronic pain to work actively with their healthcare teams to find a treatment plan that works for them.

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