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Patient Ambassador Jose

15 years is a long time. 15 years of chronic pain must have seemed like a lifetime. Jose admits it became hard to endure, as on several occasions the sheer intensity would drop him to the ground. That must have been difficult for a man who spent his life active and hard working. His pain finally became manageable under the care of a health team. Now Jose wants to make sure others do not suffer the same ordeal as he did, that’s exactly why he is on our program.

Patient Ambassador – Spain

After completing a mandatory military service in the north of Africa, Jose returned to his hometown in Spain to settle down and build a new life. He quickly found his place when he opened up a car wash and automobile service shop. By working long hours as an auto mechanic and applying himself to the physical demands of his business, he launched a good career.

Then on an ordinary day in 1996 while working in his shop, Jose felt a sudden sting in his back. The feeling returned stronger and more frequently as the days passed whenever he moved his back a certain way. At times, the pain was so strong he nearly fell to the ground. After he was diagnosed with chronic pain in 1996, Jose consulted with several specialists. But with no end in sight for relief, he became despondent.

Then Jose consulted with a chronic pain specialist who prescribed a new treatment that worked for him with tolerable side effects. Jose finally felt victorious in his 15-year battle with chronic pain. With only occasional pain that is easily managed with treatment, Jose is enjoying life again. He especially loves fishing and sailing during quiet afternoons on his boat with his family.

As a Patient Ambassador, Jose encourages others living with chronic pain to see a pain specialist and to try to find a treatment plan that works for them.

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