Corporate Executive Board

The Senior Leadership Decision Body of the Grünenthal Group

The Corporate Executive Board (CEB) is the Senior Leadership Decision body of the Grünenthal Group and consists of the Corporate Officers appointed by the Supervisory Board of the Grünenthal Group. The Corporate Executive Board has, as its prime tasks and responsibilities, the definition of the mid to long term group strategy and ensuring target achievement and optimal resource allocation by driving the group wide performance management and a continuous review and improvement process in order to implement Grünenthal’s vision.

 In addition, the Members of the Corporate Executive Board are legally accountable for the management of the corporation, especially strategic management, resource allocation, financial accounting and reporting, risk management, and corporate control, and regularly report to the Supervisory Board.

The Members of the Corporate Executive Board are:

  • Gabriel Baertschi (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Sascha Becker (Chief Financial Officer)
  • Mark Fladrich (Chief Commercial Officer)
  • Dr. Klaus-Dieter Langner (Chief Scientific Officer)