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The Development – Grünenthal Group

2014 Launch of Recivit® in the Netherlands, Denmark, UK and France.
2014 Versatis® is registered in 28 countries in the EU und worldwide in 48 countries.
2013 Grünenthal acquires Laboratorios Andrómaco S.A. and expands its business in the Andean countries and Central America.
2013 Grünenthal and AcelRx enter into partnership for EU commercialization of ZALVISO®®.
2013 Extension of product range in Latin America - Grünenthal takes over a portfolio of 30 products of BIOGEN® LABORATORIO, Colombia.
2012 Palexia® is available in UK, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Portugal, Norway, Belgium and Switzerland.
2011 FDA approval and launch of Tapentadol ER for chronic pain.
2011 Market introduction in the United States of INTAC®, an innovative formulation technology for the protection of intended drug action.
2011 Expansion of the Latin America business through founding of Grünenthal do Brasil Farmacêutica Ltda.
2011 Sale of business in Eastern Europe and the Middle East to the STADA Group.
2011 Sale of European Gynaecology Business to the Gedeon Richter Group.
2010 Marketing authorization  of Tapentadol IR and PR in 26 EU countries
2010 Sale of the European Business on Cystic fibrosis (CF) to Forest Healthcare B.V.
2009 EU submission of Tapentadol for acute and chronic pain, launch of Nucynta® in the US by Johnson & Johnson
2008 Approval of Tapentadol in the US
2007 Versatis® obtains approval in EU (UK), followed by first European launch in the UK.
since 2004 Broad investments in R&D and late clinical trials
since 2000 Global launches (Zaldiar®, Transtec®)
Since 1990 Increasing internationalization of Grünenthal through local founding of subsidiaries and acquisitions
1979 Expansion of the Latin America business through founding of subsidiaries in Columbia and Chile
1977 Tramal® launched – worldwide partnering
1968 First international activities
1957 Launch of Thalidomide (withdrawn from market in 1961)
1947 Registration of Penicillin
1946 Hermann Wirtz founded Chemie Grünenthal GmbH