Upcoming Events

EFIC® Congress ‘Bringing Pain Relief to all Patients X’ 6-9 September 2017

Since 2010, the E-G-G is announced biennially, the award ceremony as well as a show case symposium on the results of previously awarded research projects will be arranged on the occasion of the biennial EFIC®-Congress.

The Scientific Research Committee of the European Pain Federation EFIC® reviewed 70 applications submitted in the competition of the E-G-G 2016 program and judged six project proposals to be the best for funding. Global criteria for selection took into account the highest scores, but also other important aspects including excellence and diversity in terms of subjects, areas of research, originality and potential clinical impact.

The award ceremony will be held during the EFIC® Congress ‘Bringing Pain Relief to all Patients Xtaking place in Copenhagen, Denmark from 6-9 September 2017.

"Chronic pain is a very prevalent condition and it is estimated that one out of five Europeans suffers from chronic pain”, thus explains Bart Morlion, President-Elect of the European Pain Federation EFIC®. “Keeping the demographic changes in mind, we are strongly dependent on the finding for novel and innovative treatment options. I am convinced that results from these young scientists’ research projects can significantly contribute to improve pain management in Europe”.