Farmaceutici Formenti S.p.A.

Alessandro Grassano

Via Di Vittorio 2

21040 Origgio (VA)

Phone:  +39 (02) 96958 418

Production Site Italy

Production Site Italy: Grunenthal Italy

The Italian production site in Origgio near Milan with 50,000 m2 focuses on the production of solid pharmaceutical forms for oral administration and small volume liquids.

The site offers a broad range of services, including pharmaceutical development, production of granules, pellets, tablets, capsules and quality organization, GMP laboratory services, material procurement, warehousing, production as well as packaging including biopharmaceuticals. It also provides cutting-edge technologies such as cryo-milling or hot melt extrusion and special services such as temperature controlled handling or handling of scheduled substances.

The pharmaceutical development at the Italian site has a flexible and qualified organization which can offer you various services such as pre-formulation studies, formulation development, analytical developments, validation activities, stability studies and production for clinical studies.

The production facility is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2008 and certified by various authorities such as EU inspectorates, ANVISA, Korean, Turkish and Saudi-Arabian (SFDA) authorities.

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