action medeor

If you interested in more information on “action medeor” or are in contact with a medical facility which is in need of drug donation, please follow the link to

Drug Donation

Drug donations

Drug donations

There are regions in the world where patients could benefit from our products, but a continuous supply with medications is not guaranteed.

Corroborating our commitment to put patients at the centre of our actions, Grünenthal cooperates with the German non-profit organisation “action medeor”, a leading expert in the handling of drug donations.

Our donations are equipped at “action medeor” with the respective patient information leaflets in English, French or Spanish and all other necessary documents. The goods are stored in “action medeor's” warehouse until their further transport to the country of destination where they are needed.

The collaboration with “action medeor” ensures that we are compliant with the WHO Guidelines for Drug Donations and therefore adhere to the “Good Drugs Donation Practice (GDDP)”.