Further information on the voluntary self-regulation of the pharmaceutical industry

Social Responsibility

Social Commitment at Grünenthal

Our society creates the basic conditions which make it possible for us as a pharmaceutical company to employ highly qualified employees and develop our innovative preparations and make them available to patients. We would like to give our society something in return in addition to our medicines. For this reason social commitment is important to us.

As an innovative pharmaceutical company we concentrate our commitment on projects and organisations from the health system. The promotion of palliative care in particular and the hospice movement have been close to our hearts for decades.

We also feel connected to our location and support charitable organisations here in the area. This not only occurs by means of financial support but also by means of activities of our employees. These activities range from self-organised donation campaigns to personal help via our colleagues on site.

We also commit ourselves to emergency situations in which as much energy as possible has to be combined to help those affected.

With all donation activities we comply with the codex of the “Freiwilligen Selbstkontrolle der Arzneimittelindustrie (FSA)” (Voluntary self-regulation of the pharmaceutical industry).

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