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Our passion is innovation



“For Grünenthal, innovation means more than just the classical development of new pharmaceuticals. It is for this reason that we are continually seeking opportunities to innovate, by constantly expanding our knowledge base and gaining access to new technologies; a driving force and source of ideas for future forms of therapy.”

Dr. Klaus-Dieter Langner, CSO

Dr. Klaus-Dieter Langner, CSO Dr. Klaus-Dieter Langner
Member of the Corporate Executive Board,
Chief Scientific Officer

In Grünenthal Innovation, we are strongly driven to seek new solutions for patients with severe diseases and high unserved medical need – and make these solutions accessible to patients. We combine an entrepreneurial spirit and our best-in-class science & technology approaches with excellence in execution.

Innovation is more than just the identification and development of a new chemical entity (NCE). We believe innovation involves the combination of approaches including identifying new/different drug modalities, technologies and ways to optimize data handling to bring new therapies to patients.

Based on broad in-house competence across all aspects of the R&D value-generating chain, we ensure that the medical solutions we are developing meet the requirements of our core markets in terms of innova­tion level and therapeutic area. 

With our fully integrated R&D and networked approach we combine the best of two worlds: we discover and develop NCEs and new technology platforms in-house. At the same time, we access external innovation and knowledge – and are courageous to exploit new paths.

Our focus area remains pain: as a worldwide leader in pain treatment for years, we are well aware that treatment of pain is still an underserved field. We are dedicated not only to providing solutions for symptom relief, but also to gaining a deep understanding of the underlying disease and exploring disease modifying approaches. Our “pain landscape” is an important asset which will help us to devel­op high level innovation for precise pain indications like Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

Beyond pain, we are expanding our know-how via scientific networks and partnerships. We want to collaborate with external innovators, accessing the many projects of small biotechs and Universities so that Grü­nenthal can contribute in these exciting developments.

Innovation can also come from the combination of tech­nology and drugs: thus another important pillar and area of interest is to explore new technologies.

With this comprehensive capability profile we strongly believe that we have all of the prerequisites to expand our leadership in pain as well as establish Grünenthal as an expert and strong player beyond pain, in other therapeutic areas with high unmet medical need.


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