Our Partnering Model

We have a history of successful partnerships with companies across markets

Our partnering model builds on

  • an integrated business development and licensing (BD&L) approach, from target identification to project implementation
  • broad market screening and scouting for new opportunities through dedicated teams
  • state of the art deal-making, applying classical as well as innovative deal structuring
  • professional deal implementation and cooperation through a dedicated Strategic Alliance Management function

As a worldwide leader in pain, we are currently strengthening our pain portfolio.

In parallel, we are expanding into pain-related indications as well as small or orphan indications.

In addition, we are exploring medical devices and technology platforms – for markets in Europe, Latin America and the U.S.

In 2016, we entered the hospital market in Europe with Zalviso®, a pre-programmed, non-invasive device for the management of acute post-operative pain, and we are looking for further opportunities in the hospital market.

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