Psychogenic Pain

Also psychogenic pain can result in chronic pain

Not only physical pain but also psychologically (so called psychogenic) can result in chronic pain. People, being burdened with unresolved problems, run the risk of experiencing these problems unconsciously as pain. The perceived physical pain distracts from the emotional causes. It is expected that nearly 80 percent of chronic pain is influences by psychological factors.

Important: The pain is real, the affected persons are no malingerers! But how can they feel pain, although no organic reason exists?

They refer to their memory of pain. Pain experienced in the past is revitalized. In the description of their pain, these patients express themselves quite dramatic: e.g. a knife in the back, glowing iron in the stomach, etc. For them, the pain has always the same intensity. The reasons for "psychogenic pain" are often hidden problems that cannot be handled differently. The affected escapes mostly unconsciously in his pain. If the doctor and his patient are able to carefully and sensitively manage the repressed problems, the symptoms usually improve after a short time.