Postoperative Pain Management

Grünenthal opens up the European hospital market

The European hospital market is recording significant and constant growth; the number of surgical procedures is constantly increasing. This development focuses the attention on patient care after surgery: if post-operative pain is not treated optimally, it impedes the healing process and delays the start of mobilization - the individual patient is treated for longer and forfeits quality of life. 

Demand in post-operative pain management is increasing

Here there is a growing need for patient-friendly solutions in post-operative pain management. The European hospital market provides the perspective to further expand our core competence pain and to strengthen our presence in the European market.  Grünenthal already decided in 2013 to expand its product portfolio to hospitals and to be involved in post-operative pain management. Today the inclusion of the hospital market is a solid component of our company strategy

Change Pain® addresses unmet needs in post-operative pain management

With our initiative Change Pain® we inform and educate doctors and patients about pain and pain management. One important goal is to raise awareness of the unmet needs in post-operative pain management and to develop solutions that enhance post-operative pain management across Europe. Our initiative improves the understanding of pain and communication between doctor and patient – in this way Change Pain® creates important prerequisites for optimal pain management. More information can be found at