Travel Dictionary

"Travel Dictionary Pain" – a useful travel companion for patients

Sometimes the joy of travelling is marred by an accident or occurring diseases. Suddenly you have to organize medical attendance in a foreign language. People with chronic diseases have to face challenges like this every day. They need to follow regular medication while on vacation and have to be able to explain their illness-related needs to their environment.

The “Travel Dictionary Pain” shall provide you with a little help in addressing the language barrier, so that you, as a patient, can express yourself properly at the hotel, a doctor’s office, or in case of an emergency.

The PDF helps you communicating while on vacation. Included are important terms concerning the living environment of a patient in the languages French and Spanish. The vocabulary includes topics such as diseases / symptoms, treatment, dosage and package inserts.

Printed and folded, the PDF fits into a purse and is quickly at hand when needed.

To make your holiday a success, you should prepare in good time before your departure. Check with your doctor or GP, which vaccinations are needed for your destination and which drugs should not be missing in your first aid kit. If you regularly take medication, talk to your doctor about the respective prescription and note that for some medications, you need a medical certificate if you want to bring them to a foreign country.

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to consult your doctor or GP.