Lars Joensson

Head Patient Engagement Innovation Unit Pain

Patient Summit

Grünenthal demonstrates its commitment to patient-driven R&D

Grünenthal's mission is to deliver true benefits to patients with a high unmet medical need. We believe that listening to patients is the key to developing innovative pain treatments that have the greatest impact on patient-relevant outcomes and quality of life. In an initiative led by Lars Joensson, Lead Patient Engagement, we have taken the first steps in ensuring patients have an equal voice in our early research and development process.

Lars Joensson, Lead Patient Engagement Grünenthal Group

The patient voice is particularly relevant when considering new medicines that target pain as people feel pain in very different ways and there is no ‘gold standard’ clinical measure’
Lars Joensson, Lead Patient Engagement Grünenthal Group

Grünenthal already has ongoing collaborations with more than 25 patient groups in the EU and US specialising in chronic pain syndromes. On March 17th & 18th patient advocates, healthcare professionals and Grünenthal staff have come together at the first R&D-focused Patient Summit in Amsterdam. The meeting programme was created by a patient steering committee and included a presentation from Mark Field, Head of Business Unit Pain, describing the drug development process and how patients can be involved.

‘Patients are relevant. We need to gather the information in a scientific way. We want to make the patient voice relevant to clinical trial protocols’
patient advocacy group representative

Scribble from Grünenthal's first R&D-focused Patient Summit March 2017 Amsterdam

The meeting focused on three workshops that convened clinical and patient experts to discuss the main challenges of raising disease awareness and improving diagnosis and symptom reporting. Information was also presented on how patients can manage their relationship with industry, and capacity building to create strong patient research communities.

The Patient Summit was the first step in the journey of understanding the burden of living a life in chronic pain. We will continue to work together to implement the necessary changes in our clinical development programmes and include the patient voice in all stages of R&D.

‘This has been a very worthwhile meeting and I look forward to engaging in the next steps’
patient advocacy group representative