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Great leadership is key when it comes to our success. A mix of strong entrepreneurial spirit, close collaboration and outstanding performance define our approach alongside a commitment to diversity and inclusivity. Integrity is the guiding principle that informs every aspect of our work.

“Our leaders are role models. They take ownership, have the courage to challenge the norm and are true pioneers. Leadership at Grünenthal means the ability to work beyond functions, to step out of roles and an interest in how we can do the best for the business overall. All this creates a climate which enables us to move quickly, join forces and make things happen.”

Gabriel Baertschi

Chief Executive Officer, Grünenthal Group

The Team
Corporate Executive Board

The Corporate Executive Board (CEB) is the senior leadership decision body of the Grünenthal Group. Its primary tasks and responsibilities are to define the mid- to long-term group strategy, to ensure target achievement and to allocate the resources necessary to make Grünenthal’s vision a reality.

Jan Adams, MD

Member of the Corporate Executive Board, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Mark Fladrich

Member of the Corporate Executive Board, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Fabian Raschke

Member of the Corporate Executive Board, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)