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From drug discovery to

Drug Discovery – linking target to disease to drive innovation

Our flexible drug discovery teams strive to convert best-in-class science into commercially viable medicines that can serve our patients unmet medical needs – independent of required modality or technology. In our state-of-the-art research and development facilities we can conduct all necessary tests and analyses required to deliver innovative, differentiated candidates.

Our expertise includes:

  • target identification based on a broad understanding of the disease pathophysiology
  • target validation technologies on pathophysiological relevant tissue and cells
  • creation of relevant biological screening cascades and rapid testing cycles for compound optimisation
  • proficient in rational and structure based drug design and multidimensional optimisation strategies to deliver novel and effective drug candidates

What makes our drug discovery unique?

We are interrogating the causes of pain and re-defining how to approach the underlying disease pathophysiology rather than treating the symptom.

For example:

  • we study the interaction between immune cells and neurons resulting in neuronal hypersensitisation
  • we tackle new therapeutic targets involved in neuronal integrity
  • we utilise induced pluripotent stem cells to allow translational functional studies on differentiated human neurons
  • we explore new technologies and strategic research to ensure the success of our most innovative research projects
  • using human neuronal tissue, we are exploring the potential of epigenetic therapeutic targets to restore a healthy phenotype and aiming for disease-modification in pain

Drug Development
Focused development – bringing new therapeutic options safely to patients

Our dedicated development team applies latest scientific knowledge to ensure a fast transition from drug discovery to clinical reality.

Did you know?

We are able to run both mechanistic and behavioural pre-clinical models of pain. These models have been studied to establish the role that central and peripheral immune cells as well as inflammatory mediators play in the causation and maintenance of pain. Combining this with our pivotal work on human tissue enable us to translate preclinical results into clinical reality.

Our expertise includes:

  • support of candidate selection and optimisation of modalities
  • delivery of robust pre-clinical data packages (e.g., safety, toxicity, pharmacokinetics, metabolism)
  • definition and execution of translational plans to enable pharmacodynamic readouts in clinical phase I studies.
  • support of clinical development