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Video Resources


The library contains a set of company footage. Journalists are invited to use the video material to illustrate their reporting. The footage must not be used for any other purpose, saved and distributed by agencies or be made available to third parties. If you need further assistance, please get in touch.


Impressions of the Grünenthal campus and R&D area at our Headquarters in Aachen, Germany

These sequences show serial views of the Grünenthal Campus as well as scenes from our R&D.


Impressions of the Grünenthal packaging center at our Headquarters in Aachen, Germany

In this video you can see how medicines are packaged.
The rights to the footage material is held by Grünenthal and protected by law. Videos must only be used for Grünenthal related communications and projects, and may not be used for other purposes, without the written permission. Unauthorised copying, lending, sale, publication or broadcasting will lead to prosecution. All mentioned trademarks are legally protected.

Corporate Videos


Grünenthal joins EFPIA campaign

“Illness never sleeps, so neither can we”. EFPIA’s “We Won’t Rest” campaign highlights the ongoing efforts to push the boundaries and improve patient’s quality of life. Grünenthal – the powerhouse and thought leader in pain research – contributes to this cause, succeeding in bringing innovative pain solutions to patients. Learn how we address one of the most pressing problems in healthcare with a spirit of transparency and open collaboration.