Other Privacy Statements

Our commitment to privacy

At Grünenthal, we believe transparency is the foundation of trustful collaboration. Depending on your relationship with us – whether you are a member of the public, healthcare professional, business partner or patient – we may collect and further process your personal data – such as identification, contact, professional, financial or other information.

In the privacy statements below, you will find more detailed information about how we process your personal data. 

If you have any questions or wish to exercise your rights, you may contact our Data Protection Team at dataprivacy.de@grunenthal.com and/or our Data Protection Officer at datenschutz.grunenthal@two-towers.eu.

  1. Privacy statement for Healthcare Professionals and Site Staff (HCP´s)
    As a science-based pharmaceutical company, we may process your personal data if you are a Healthcare Professional. For more information, please read our privacy statement for Healthcare Professionals and Site Staff.
  1. Privacy statement for business partners, suppliers and other third parties
    This privacy notice is relevant concerning all personal data of data subjects with whom we enter into contractual-, business- or other relationships, as well as of governing bodies, managing directors, key account managers, or other employees of our contractual or business partners, which we process in the context of existing or emerging contractual-, business- or other relationships. This includes, among others, existing or potential suppliers, service providers, customers, or consultants, as well as existing or potential cooperation partners or other partner companies. 
    For more information please read our statement dedicated to Business Partners, Suppliers, and other Third Parties
  1. Privacy Notice for Pharmacovigilance Reports, Medical Information and Product Complaints 
    This Privacy Notice is intended to explain how we will collect and process your personal data for management of pharmacovigilance adverse event reports, medical information enquiries, and product complaints (both including product complaints and service complaints (e.g., problems with delivery of the product)) related to Grünenthal’s medicinal products.
    In particular, this notice describes how we collect and use personal data to help us fulfil our duty to monitor the safety of all products including medicines we market or have in clinical development (also known as our pharmacovigilance obligations), to handle your medical enquiries appropriately, to manage any complaint you may have about our products and to ensure the quality and safety of all our products.
    For more information please read our statement dedicated to Medical Information