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At Grünenthal, conducting our business responsibly is a core part of our company’s strategy and culture. As a global leader in pain management, Grünenthal aspires to create a positive impact for society – in our core business and beyond. We are guided by integrity, transparency and the highest ethical standards.

Society and the Environment

Caring for the world around us is a big part of who we are. That is why we support projects that have a positive impact on people and communities, from palliative care and charity activities through to protecting the environment.
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Educated Access to Pain Management

Pain is a huge burden – for patients as well as their families, friends, caregivers and society as a whole. That is why we are driven to seek new solutions in this hugely underserved area. This includes educating healthcare professionals, patients and our employees about pain management. In this way, we strive to deepen the understanding of patients’ needs, and of the risks and benefits of pain medicines.
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Compliance, Ethics and Transparency

At Grünenthal, we adhere to the highest ethical standards – and we go beyond the regulations and codes of our industry. Building trust through the way we work gives confidence to all of our stakeholders, including patients, business partners, customers and the communities we serve.
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The Thalidomide tragedy is, and will remain, a significant part of our corporate history. Grünenthal’s family shareholders, and the company as a whole, deeply regret the consequences of this tragedy. That is why our engagement to improve the individual living situations of people affected by Thalidomide is so important to us.
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At Grünenthal, we join forces to drive progress towards our shared vision of a world free of pain. Together, we aim to create sustainable value for patients and their families, for our employees, for our customers and investors, and for the communities we operate in.