At Grünenthal, conducting our business responsibly is a core part of our company’s strategy and culture. As a global leader in pain management, Grünenthal aspires to create a positive impact on society – in our core business and beyond. We are guided by integrity, transparency and the highest ethical standards.

Responsibility Report 2021/2022

Our first Grünenthal Responsibility Report marks a milestone on our journey towards a fully integrated reporting of how we conduct our business responsibly and the impact we have on society and the environment. We report according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards and subject our reporting to thorough external auditing.
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Our Corporate Responsibility Programme

A world free of pain. This is our shared vision. Our Corporate Responsibility Programme is designed around this vision and centres on the strong purpose to create a positive impact for our patients, our employees the wider community and the environment.
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Compliance, Ethics and Transparency

Integrity at the heart of everything we do. At Grünenthal, we treat everyone with respect, and we advocate and apply high ethical standards in all our actions and decisions. Building trust through the way we work gives confidence to all of our stakeholders, including patients, business partners, customers and the communities we serve.
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Patient – The people we serve

For patients suffering from pain, pain medication can be life changing as long as it is used responsibly. We educate patients and healthcare workers about pain management, raise awareness of pain as a disease, and work to address unmet needs.
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People – Our employees, partners and communities

Joining forces! Making a positive impact is always our ultimate goal. Our aim is to foster a true culture of trust among our employees, partners and communities. We work hard together to achieve this by driving engagement and empowerment and increasing diversity and inclusion. The development of everyone who works with us can only be achieved together.
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The Thalidomide tragedy is, and will remain, a significant part of our corporate history. Grünenthal’s family shareholders, and the company as a whole, deeply regret the consequences of this tragedy. That is why our engagement to improve the individual living situations of people affected by Thalidomide is so important to us.
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