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Patient Collaborations

Why do we collaborate with patients?

Grünenthal is a global leader in pain management and related diseases. Our purpose is to change lives for the better, and innovation is our passion. We are focusing all our activities and efforts on working towards our vision of a world free of pain.

Having access to appropriate pain treatment is a basic human right1.
Grünenthal is committed to embedding patient engagement through each stage in the lifecycle of our medicines and beyond. We believe that we will achieve this most effectively by working in close partnership with people living with pain, their representatives and carers, and patient organisations in the following areas:

Pillars of Grünenthal`s Patient collaboration strategy: Design -  Co-Develop Innovative Medicines, Deliver - Ensure Patient Access, Empower – Support  the Patient Voice

Arvashni Seeripat (Head of Global Innovative Medicines at Grünenthal) explains why working with patients is relevant for Grünenthal.

How do we work in partnership with patients and patient representatives?

Grünenthal co-operates with patients to support research, healthcare, and education respecting the following principles:

  1. Develop and sustain mutually beneficial relationships with the patient community
  2. Ensure there is clarity around the roles of all parties involved
  3. Collaborate with patients as equal partners
  4. Value and respect the knowledge, skills, and independence of the patient representatives
  5. Nurture a culture of mutual respect based on transparency and high quality, and with regular communication
  6. Develop a long-term commitment to collaborate on topics of high importance to patients
  7. Use a co-creation approach to ensure patient-centricity of the clinical development programme, including priority setting and impact measures during the evaluation.
  8. Encourage constructive challenge in a quest for new ideas, learning, and continuous improvement
  9. Interact in a transparent and ethical manner and publish transfer of values to patient organisations.
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Grünenthal may provide charitable contributions and donations to support public interest activities. This includes funding, services and the provision of equipment and free products. Grünenthal is committed to publishing information about our collaboration with Patient Organizations (POs) to demonstrate that we interact with them ethically and transparently.

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Gudula Petersen, Global Patient Engagement Lead Grünenthal

“Together with patients we are seeking solutions to live a life as normal as possible.”

Gudula Petersen

Global Patient Engagement Lead Grünenthal

Interested in collaborating with us?

Please reach out to our Global Patient Engagement at

We are looking forward to working with you towards our vision of a world free of pain.

Read more on “How we support patients in need” in our Responsibility Chapter of this website.


Examples of Grünenthal´s sustainable partnerships with patients

SIP - Societal Impact of Pain
The Brain, Mind and Pain ‘Patient-Centred Innovation Grant’ (BMP Grant)

1 Frank Brennan, Daniel B Carr, Michael Cousins, Pain management: a fundamental human right, Anesth Analg. 2007 Jul;105(1):205-21. doi: 10.1213/01.ane.0000268145.52345.55