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In 2019, Grünenthal entered into a partnership with Mesoblast, a world leader in cellular medicines, to develop the investigational medicine MPC-06-ID, an innovative cell therapy for patients who suffer from chronic low back pain associated with degenerative disc disease, and who have exhausted conservative treatment options.

Recently, Mesoblast published results from the Phase III trial MSB-DR003 that was carried out in the US and Australia. The trial provided a number of important findings including a significant and long-lasting treatment effect on pain relief, however, it did not achieve its primary outcome measure between the treatment groups. Grünenthal currently carries out additional in-depth analyses of the data including scientific, commercial, regulatory and market access perspectives in Europe. The cooperation between Grünenthal and Mesoblast included an upfront payment of $ 15 million. Beyond this upfront payment, it is structured through success-based milestone payments upon reaching clearly pre-defined outcomes. Thus, Grünenthal’s financial outlay to date has been considered limited compared to the significant upside potential of a cell-based, highly differentiated therapy for patients affected by chronic low back pain associated with degenerative disc disease who have exhausted conservative treatment options.

Fabia Kehren, Head External Communications and Editorial Management

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