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20 March 2024

Part-time and Fully Remote as Due Diligence Lead at Grünenthal – can that work? Sure it can! 

100 Reasons for a World Free of Pain
When Magdalena became a mother three years ago, her priority was finding a job that offered enough flexibility for her to combine a career with spending time with her family. 

“When I was asked if I would like to join Grünenthal for the first time, I was conflicted,” Magdalena said. “I had heard of Grünenthal before, and the company’s commitment to achieving a world free of pain really resonated with me. But even-though I was offered flexible conditions, I was doubtful whether it could really work out – so I declined.”

Nonetheless, Magdalena reconsidered the offer shortly after a personal conversation with a Grünenthal colleague. “To be honest, it sounded too good to be true, but in the end, I decided to give it a try. And I’m happy that I did!”

As the first weeks went by, it became clear to Magdalena that “enabling flexibility” was not merely a slogan at Grünenthal, but something that is both encouraged and enabled.

“I was surprised by how well it worked, despite all the difficult situations I encountered as a mother. Young children don’t really conform to your work schedule, so sometimes I ended up being attending meetings during my drive home from nursery school.”

Working fully remote from day one, did not stop Magdalena from becoming an essential member of the team. At Grünenthal, her responsibilities are clear. While investing in R&D to address critical unmet medical needs of pain patients, Grünenthal complements its portfolio of medicines by acquiring further established brands. As Due Diligence Lead, Magdalena and her colleagues put potential deals through their paces. To family and friends, however, her job title alone provides little imagination of what her day-to-day work looks like. That’s why Magdalena found a way to explain what she really does metaphorically:

“Imagine that you want to buy a house. You won’t just buy the house outright just because it looks good from the outside and the seller is telling you how amazing it is. You want to make sure that  everything is all right – and that means inspecting it, consulting experts and diving into the paperwork to see what’s really going on. Only once you have checked it thoroughly, you can make an informed decision.”

In her role at Grünenthal, Magdalena basically does the same thing – just with medical products. “Occasionally, medical companies sell the right to their products. My team and I screen these products to find out if they are fit for an acquisition and ensure that they fit in our overall portfolio. This includes the products themselves, but also everything that is hidden behind the finished product: supply chain, third parties currently involved in production and distribution and much more.

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