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13 March 2019

Making a positive difference to children’s lives in Italy.

Making children smile: Grünenthal Italia is a longstanding partner of “i Bambini delle Fate”, a social enterprise that provides lifechanging moments of joy for children with autism and disability.

Grünenthal Italy is a longstanding partner of the project “Dalle Stalle alle Stelle” (From Stalls to Stars) for “i Bambini delle Fate”, a social enterprise that provides lifechanging moments of joy for children with autism and disability. We’re creating happiness together – and aim to create even more in the future.

“I Bambini delle Fate”, which means “Children of the Fairies”, is a social enterprise in Italy that focuses on activating and financing projects that provide positive experiences for children with autism and disability. In particular the project “Dalle Stalle alle Stelle” (From Stalls to Stars) organises activities at Centro di Riabilitazione Equestre Vittorio di Capua a special centre located in the Niguarda Hospital in Milan for equestrian therapy [– where the interaction with the animals helps the children with autism to express their emotions and explore different ways of communicating. Grünenthal Italia has been actively supporting “i Bambini delle Fate” for almost a decade by providing sponsorship for this specific project. Together, the two organisations are aiming to make a positive difference in the lives of children, as well as their parents and families.

“Our support for these fantastic Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives makes me really proud to work for Grunenthal Italia. We’re passionate about bringing out the smile in these children and their families and engage in projects that can create even more happiness.”

Beatrice Redi,

Head of Corporate Communication, Grunenthal Italia

The collaboration with “i Bambini delle Fate” is just one of the projects that our Italian subsidiary is engaging in as part of its broader focus on making a positive impact on local communities. Under the motto “Un Sorriso per Chi Soffre" (a smile for those who suffer), employees from Grünenthal Italia are actively seeking social projects that help people increase their quality of life – mirroring the impact that our innovative medicines have on patients around the world. Alongside the partnership with “i Bambini delle Fate”, our local team is also supporting a recreational therapy camp in Tuscany known as Dynamo Camp: A free holiday camp for children aged six to seventeen who are either in therapy or in the post-hospitalisation period. By offering facilities such as a climbing wall that is specially designed to be suitable for disabled, wheelchair bound or recovering children, it provides a life-changing opportunity to experience a real recreational holiday complete with sport, play and relaxation.

An initial group of Grünenthal employees volunteered at Dynamo Camp in 2018, with more expected to join them in 2019. In fact, the team in Italy aims to further increase its contribution to social and community projects over the coming 12 months and beyond. Together, the team’s activities aim to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives – starting with a smile.

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