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24 July 2019

Caring for the world around us

Social Responsibility at Grünenthal

Dynamo Camp  - Employees from Grünenthal Italy are taking a proactive approach to supporting social projects
Grünenthal has a long tradition of supporting projects that have a positive impact on people and communities, from palliative care and charity activities through to social initiatives and environmental protection. We actively engage in projects that help people increase their quality life. Here are a few examples.
At Grünenthal’s Headquarters, we have recently started working together with Caritas Betriebs- und Werkstätten (CBW) to provide jobs for people with disabilities. Every two weeks, depending on the weather, a group of about 20 CBW workers with mental or physical disabilities takes care of the green spaces around the Grünenthal Campus in Aachen. The team does a great job of cutting the grass and hedges, as well as taking care of the flowerbeds. This initiative supports professional, social and societal participation, which is an important factor in breaking down stereotypes and promoting social integration and autonomy.
Under the motto “Un Sorriso per Chi Soffre" (A Smile for Those who Suffer), employees from Grünenthal Italy are taking a proactive approach to supporting social projects. One example is the partnership with a therapeutic recreation camp in Tuscany known as Dynamo Camp. It’s a free holiday camp for children aged six to seventeen who are either in therapy or in the post-hospitalisation period. An initial group of Grünenthal employees volunteered at Dynamo Camp in 2018. They plan to further increase their contribution to social and community projects.

In Latin America, Grünenthal is committed to improving palliative care, among other things. Last October, the Grünenthal Foundation for Palliative Medicine joined together with other organisations to arrange an international Congress on Palliative Care in Lima. It aimed to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and skills related to treating people in the final phase of life, while also raising awareness about the importance of providing high-quality palliative medicine among the scientific and political communities, as well as across society.

Our team in Spain has been engaging in a unique project that combines recycling with support for people in need. In just one week, they collected 1,788 kilograms of paper for recycling through a “clean workspace” activity at our office in Madrid – and they then donated the same weight of food to the Food Bank Foundation of Madrid. This partnership has been in place since 2013. So far, Grünenthal employees have donated around 21,500 kilograms of food in total.

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