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02 October 2019

Delighting contract manufacturing customers with a high-tech site in Italy

Investing in powerful production

Delighting contract manufacturing customers with a high-tech site in Italy
The team at Grünenthal’s production site in Italy recently hit two important milestones – gaining official approval for the refurbishment of the 2,000-square-metre production hall, as well as for new facilities for its biopharma services.

“Our employees have shown incredible dedication and achieved success within a rapid timeframe.”

Giovanni Marangoni,

Grünenthal, Site Director Italy

Patients rely on medicines that are delivered in safe, stable and sterile packaging. Grünenthal’s site close to Milan, Italy, helps pharmaceutical companies worldwide to meet this expectation by providing production, assembly, labelling and packaging services as part of the company’s growing contract manufacturing business. Grünenthal’s customers are now benefitting from a huge upgrade of its facilities at this site. The company recently passed an inspection from the Italian Health Authority (AIFA). This success is the final milestone for an ambitious project that was launched in 2018 to transform the site in Italy into a centre of manufacturing innovation. It involved a massive refurbishment that was completed while continuing to serve customers from this location without any interruption.

To make this remarkable transition possible, the Grünenthal team increased manufacturing volumes by 50 percent for 12 months before the new equipment was installed. This created a stockpile of enough medicine to guarantee patients would continue to have uninterrupted access to the treatments they rely on. Grünenthal Italy is now operating in line with best practice for the pharmaceutical industry and in compliance with increasingly strict international regulations.

On top of this, Grünenthal Italy is also now able to further expand the company’s biopharma assembly and packaging services. With the AIFA approval of its new cold storage facility, the team has upgraded its logistics and is able to support further increases in production output. The cold room and its delivery bays are kept between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius, and the facility has capacity for 1,600 pallets.



Bulk production - Impressions of our plant in Italy.

Grünenthal customers from across the continent are directly benefitting from these improved facilities. In fact, one of the company’s major strategic customers recently presented Grünenthal with its best supplier award in recognition of the Italian team’s dedication to shortening lead times, offering flexible launch times and driving yield rates up. Also the set-up facilitates the supply to Japan, a country with very high quality and optical requirements. This success for the site in Italy – which is one of five Grünenthal factories along with locations in Chile, Ecuador, Germany and Switzerland – is a strong indication of how passionate its employees are about making internal and external customers happy. By working together with suppliers, regulatory authorities and customers, Grünenthal’s teams make sure patients around the world can rely on its leading solutions to improve their quality of life.


“We are now perfectly equipped for the highly demanding Japanese and competitive biopharma market.”

Birgit Jansen,

Grünenthal, Head Contract Manufacturing Business


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