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15 October 2018

Feliz 50 aniversario, Grünenthal Peruana!

Celebration of the 50th company anniversary of Grünenthal’s Peruvian affiliate Grünenthal Peruana S.A.

With a glittering event Grünenthal’s Peruvian affiliate has celebrated its 50th company anniversary. What started off with three employees and penicillin in 1968, is now a 140 employee organisation and a leader in pain management in Peru. “50 years ago, it was a truly courageous step for a mid-sized company from Aachen to cross the ocean and start a business in Latin America”, said Grünenthal’s CEO Gabriel Baertschi on the occasion of the jubilee in Lima. “Daring something new, taking smart risks, being courageous and unique – this spirit is an essential part of Grünenthal’s culture, also today. I’m proud and happy to see what you can accomplish with this attitude”, he continued.

Grünenthal Peruana S.A. was the first affiliate of Grünenthal in Latin America. Meanwhile, the company has subsidiaries throughout the Latam region. “Latin America is an important strategic pillar for our organisation”, said Baertschi. “We are more than a company just selling drugs. We are touching the lives of millions of people in Latin America every year, and our engagement in the region is unique.”

Apart from contributing to the health of the Peruvian population with its portfolio, Grünenthal is also committed to supporting palliative care in the region. Significant efforts to develop palliative care services have already been made by the national government, but many patients still go without adequate treatment. “It is estimated that there are more than 100,000 patients looking for access to palliative care in Peru alone; but there are only approximately 100 specialised and trained healthcare professionals in this field”, explained José Miguel Fonken, General Manager of Grünenthal Peruana.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary the company has therefore launched a series of activities to help promote this specialty, including professional training agreements with healthcare institutions and cooperations with leading Peruvian universities on the first palliative care master’s degree programs, as well as graduate and undergraduate courses.

“ 50 years ago, it was a truly courageous step for a mid-sized company from Aachen to cross the ocean and start a business in Latin America”

Gabriel Baertschi

CEO Grünenthal

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