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06 September 2019

Focusing on better patient outcomes at the largest European pain congress.

Exploring the future of pain at EFIC

Grünenthal at EFIC 2019 - Rethink Pain. Feel Life.
Grünenthal is committed to promoting better research in pain as well as in its clinical management. That’s why the company has a strong presence at the 11th Congress of the European Pain Federation (EFIC) – where its experts will present key initiatives aimed at improving patients’ outcomes.

“As a global player in pain management, EFIC is an important platform to strengthen our partnerships and showcase our commitment to redefining the future of pain management.”

Imane Wild,

Head Global Medical Affairs

This year’s EFIC congress is taking place in Valencia, Spain, from 4–7 September. As one of the biggest events for all those involved in pain, it is a major opportunity for Grünenthal to showcase its commitment to reducing the burden of pain on individuals and society. The meeting brings together pain experts to exchange knowledge and ideas, and discuss the latest advances in the field. Among them, a team of experts from Grünenthal will actively share their insights and gather new perspectives on a range of pain-related topics. In particular, the Grünenthal team is focusing on the importance of early diagnosis and multimodal intervention, as well as effective patient communication. They’re also going to share data demonstrating how Grünenthal’s products can improve outcomes in patients with chronic pain – and will present and discuss the wide range of pain initiatives that Grünenthal participates in.
These initiatives include Grünenthal’s partnership with Societal Impact of Pain (SIP), an international multi-stakeholder platform that raises awareness of the relevance of pain by sharing best practice and developing policy recommendations for improved pain care within Europe. The latest SIP activities will be presented at Grünenthal’s booth and in its own dedicated SIP area. Alongside this, Grünenthal will share information on PainSolve, an online space where the global pain research community can discuss ideas and increase disease understanding. The EFIC–Grünenthal Grant (E-G-G) will also be included in Grünenthal’s booth presence, and the winners of the E-G-G will be announced during the opening ceremony of the congress. This grant supports young scientists in carrying out innovative clinical pain research. The IMI PainCare, a consortium of 40 participants from 14 countries that aims to improve the care of patients suffering from acute or chronic pain, is another initiative that Grünenthal actively participates in. The consortium will present its work at its own booth at the EFIC congress.
Grünenthal will also take the opportunity to invite participants to attend its Change Pain Masterclass in Berlin from 3–4 October. This educational event aims to challenge the status quo in pain management and ignite international collaboration between healthcare professionals and researchers. Overall, this event fits into Grünenthal’s broad range of activities that open up opportunities for collaboration and seek ways to solve pain together by developing valued partnerships. In this context, the EFIC congress is a strong opportunity for Grünenthal to create connections with partners from across academia and industry – and generate shared momentum towards a better future for pain patients.
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