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28 May 2020

Providing life-changing pain treatments in the Nordic countries

Grünenthal Affiliates Nordic countries
For over a decade, Grünenthal has been helping patients in the Nordic countries to live better and more functional lives. Its local team is navigating the unique healthcare sector in this region to give patients access to innovative pain treatments.

“We’re empowering pain patients in the Nordic countries to live better and more functional lives.”

Gülizar Aybasti Skjoldager,

General Manager Nordics

The Nordic region of Northern Europe is a thriving hub of activity for the pharmaceutical industry. Grünenthal operates across Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, with our regional headquarters in Copenhagen and branch offices in Oslo and Stockholm. Our local team of around 40 dedicated employees work with a strong focus on pain, serving patients across markets in this region. The Nordic countries account for around 6 percent of the pharmaceutical market in Europe – a continent where almost one in five adults is affected by chronic pain. On top of this, 9 percent of pharmaceutical R&D in the EU takes place in this region, while 10 percent of pharmaceutical production takes place here. This is largely because a few big pharma companies have their roots in Denmark and Sweden.
The healthcare systems in these countries are somewhat unique because they are almost entirely funded by the state. Nearly all physicians and healthcare professionals (HCPs) are employed by the state, and the majority of patients are treated by General Practitioners because the Nordic countries operate with a strict referral system – where patients can only go directly to a specialist if their GP refers them and can only go to a hospital without a referral in an emergency situation.
This unique market structure requires a team of local specialists who understand the specific needs of patients and HCPs in this region. Ever since Grünenthal founded local affiliates in 2007 and 2008, we have been serving the healthcare industry in Nordic countries with a tailor-made presence. Looking forward, Grünenthal aims to further strengthen our patient-centric approach to break the cycle of pain for patients in this region – and drive progress towards our vision of a world free of pain.
A thriving hub for pharma - the Nordics
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