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19 July 2022

ESG-rating puts Grünenthal in top 3% of the pharmaceutical subindustry

Grünenthal is Recognized for its Strong Management of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Risks
Every company is exposed to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks like pollution, discrimination or corruption. Managing these risks is a key success factor. And the latest ESG risk rating assesses Grünenthal as the leader in its peer group.

Consumers expect companies to take responsibility for their actions and operate sustainably. Investors view businesses with a strong approach to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) topics as a more attractive long-term investment. ESG risk ratings help build trust for consumers and confidence for investors by providing a measure of a company’s impact on people and the planet. These ratings are conducted by objective and independent external organisations. And the latest assessment by Sustainalytics, one of the leading ESG risk rating companies, ranks Grünenthal in the top 3% for our pharmaceutical subindustry1, with an even stronger rating compared with the previous year.

1 The Pharmaceuticals industry comprises three subindustries: Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Laboratory Equipment and Services.

Grünenthal’s ESG risk rating for 2022

  • Our company was assessed as having a medium risk with a score of 21.7 – just outside the low risk category, which starts at 20.0.
  • Our ESG risk management received the highest possible score and is rated as “strong”.
  • We have an improved ESG risk management score over last year (25.6).
  • This rating puts us among the top 3 percent and ahead of key peers in our industry.
ESG Risk Rating Infographic

This result reflects the real-world action that Grünenthal is taking to protect its long-term future, as well as the long-term future of communities and the environment. We have established a Corporate Responsibility Programme that is embedded in our core business strategy. It involves our ESG risk management approach and our five flagship initiatives, as well as our ethical framework and corporate governance. We also recently established our Responsibility Board to ensure we implement, enforce and monitor our Corporate Responsibility Programme company-wide. We aim to continuously improve and optimise our ESG performance. To achieve this, we have set ambitious targets for each responsibility topic. Our ESG-related disclosure follows best practice for reporting, and is set up in line with global reporting standards and externally audited. Our latest very strong ESG risk rating from Sustainalytics shows that we are on the right path.

Cordula Meckenstock

“We are focused on making a measurable positive impact on protecting people and the planet.”

Cordula Meckenstock,

Chief Responsibility Officer

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