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07 May 2020

How Grünenthal employees are staying connected and motivated in home office

Making the most of remote working
As part of Grünenthal’s response to Covid-19, all of our office-based employees worldwide are now working from home. It’s a major change that brings along benefits – and a few challenges. Find out how individuals and teams are adapting to this new way of working.

Grünenthal is committed to protecting the safety and wellbeing of its employees, and helping to curb the outbreak of Covid-19. That’s why many of our employees have been working from home during the last few weeks – and have found creative ways of adjusting to this new situation. From balancing professional commitments with family obligations through to staying healthy and learning how to take advantage of digital platforms, Grünenthal’s people around the world have embraced remote working with a flexible and highly motivated mindset. But working remotely on a daily basis is very different to doing so occasionally. It requires individuals and teams to adjust their daily routines and explore completely different approaches to work.

The first step in adjusting to working from home is to set up a productive workspace that is as comfortable and ergonomically optimised as possible. Of course, a room that can be separated by closing a door is the ideal situation – but it’s equally important to avoid distractions by placing private mobile phones out of sight and setting clear rules for when family members are allowed to disturb working time. Many people also recommend having a clear daily routine and getting dressed in the same clothes they’d wear to the office. Similarly, scheduling some exercise before, during or after work is beneficial for mental and physical health, while a quick virtual coffee break with a colleague or friend can help to gather fresh energy and combat loneliness.

Teams can stay connected through virtual meetings on digital platforms like Microsoft Teams. However, these meetings are not the same as traditional face-to-face meetings. For example, the only thing worse than a long presentation in person is a long presentation online. To avoid PowerPoint overload, teams should focus meeting time on active dialogue by sending a pre-read document in advance and by having an agenda with clear objectives. This agenda should begin with a few moments that help the team stay connected and look after each other by quickly asking how everybody is doing. Measures like this are part of what it takes to be an effective leader in virtual settings, which is a new set of skills for many people. That’s why Grünenthal is offering online workshops and management training to give its leaders the skills they need to manage teams that are working remotely.

By supporting its employees in setting up the right working environment, daily routine and approach to teamwork, we are empowering our people to make the most of new ways of working. These are challenging times for everybody around the world, and remote working offers great opportunities to keep people connected and motivated – while also keeping everyone safe.

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