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02 July 2020

Increasing transparency about our interactions with the healthcare sector

Transparency about healthcare interactions

Disclosure 2020
We value transparency. That is why we aim to further increase openness and clarity for our website visitors by providing transparent explanations about our interactions with healthcare professionals and organisations in its various forms.
Cordula Meckenstock

“As a member of EFPIA, we are fully committed to publishing details about our interactions with HCPs and HCOs in an ethical and transparent way.”

Cordula Meckenstock,

Global Compliance Officer, Grünenthal

Patients benefit from collaboration between the industry and healthcare professionals. This relationship has helped deliver numerous innovative medicines and positively changed the way many diseases impact people’s lives. The industry and healthcare professionals work together in a wide range of activities, from clinical research through to sharing best clinical practice and exchanging information about how new medicines fit into the patient pathway. This valuable and important relationship is already well-regulated – and by increasing the level of transparency about it, we can strengthen the foundation for strong collaboration in the future.

We aim to provide open and transparent explanations about the reasons why we transfer financial and in-kind benefits to healthcare professionals, healthcare organisations, and patient organisations.

Our approach follows the “disclosure methodology” of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), which is our most relevant association. We recently updated our website to provide information about the financial and other benefits that we have transferred to the healthcare sector – from all across Grünenthal, and broken down to the level of each affiliate and recipient.

The complete overview of the transfers include methodological notes that explain how Grünenthal collects and discloses data in the reports. It is available here: Disclosure 2020 

About the EFPIA Disclosure Code

The EFPIA Disclosure Code is a Code of Conduct that requires all EFPIA member companies and companies that are members of EFPIA member associations to disclose transfers of value to healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organisations (HCOs). Under the Code, EFPIA member companies will have to disclose the names of healthcare professionals and organisations that have received payments or other transfers of value from them. They will also have to disclose – by HCP or HCO – the total amounts of value transferred, by type of activity, which could consist of, for instance, a grant to an HCO, a consultancy fee for speaking, payment for travel, or registration fees to attend a medical education congress.


Visit the EFPIA Website for further information:

About the EFPIA Disclosure Code FAQ :

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