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03 June 2024

Meet Giuseppe – A pharma operator’s story

Meet Guiseppe Cilia – A pharma operator’s story
“The most important thing I learned in Grünenthal is the great respect we have for people and for the work we do.”

Giuseppe is one of our Italian operators, working at our Origgio manufacturing site in the Oral Solids Coating Department. After 15 years at Grünenthal, he has seen our company transform with new technologies and a growing team.

Having started out as a tablet-coating operator, Giuseppe has worked in a number of roles in Origgio and was integral to the success of a challenging project based out of our headquarters in Aachen, Germany.

Reflecting on the changes he has witnessed throughout his time at Grünenthal, Giuseppe highlights that “the technologies we use both here (Origgio) and in Aachen (Germany) have changed considerably.” This is a testament to our ongoing investment in our manufacturing capabilities, which ensures we can supply medicine to patients efficiently, reliably, responsibly and safely.

Looking to the future, Giuseppe is excited to see our Origgio site continue to grow, with the addition of new team members and innovative new technologies. We are proud to have Giuseppe and his team overseeing the manufacture of our medicines, working tirelessly each day to help us achieve our vision of a World Free of Pain.

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