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20 September 2023

Nearly 20 years of pain research funding by the European Pain Federation EFIC® and Grünenthal

Pain Researchers
For nearly 20 years, the European Pain Federation EFIC® and Grünenthal supported the projects of scientists in the field of pain through the EFIC®-Grünenthal-Grant (E-G-G). With a total value of €100,000, this biennial grant supports innovative projects for human pain research by early-career scientists and physicians from any member country of the European Pain Federation EFIC®. Since its start in 2004, 73 EFIC®-Grünenthal-Grant projects have been supported and were chosen from nearly 700 applications.
Jan Adams

“By investing in the next generation of researchers, we aim to ignite transformative breakthroughs that will shape the future of pain research.”

Jan Adams,

Chief Scientific Officer of Grünenthal

Pain has an immense burden on the population, with one in five people in Europe living with chronic pain1. Not only does it have a negative impact on quality of life, it creates a substantial economic and social burden with € 300 bn estimated total cost of the consequences of chronic pain across Europe.2 60 % of permanent work incapacity in Europe is related to musculoskeletal pain alone.3 These numbers show impressively why continuous commitment to pain research is essential and brings benefit to our society.

The EFIC®-Grünenthal-Grant represents Grünenthal’s continued commitment to making life-changing pain research possible and ultimately improving the lives of people living with pain. With this grant, we are not only providing financial support but also nurturing a spirit of innovation among young professionals, empowering them to pursue cutting-edge solutions that will revolutionize the way we understand and treat pain and help tackle the burden of pain.

Innovative pain research is an essential component that brings us closer to our vision of a world free of pain.


EFIC® – Grünenthal Grant (E-G-G)  - Grünenthal's commitment on pain research


The E-G-G winners 2023

“The quality, diversity and originality of the proposals received for E-G-G 2023 hold promise for the future of pain research. Reviewing each proposal was scientifically stimulating.” says Prof. André Mouraux, chair of EFIC® Scientific Research Committee and one of the 2008 E-G-G winners.

There were 43 applications for the 2023 edition of the E-G-G. In a two-step evaluation, seven reviewers and four members of the EFIC® Research Committee Working Group on Grants and Prizes selected three research projects for funding:

  • Eleonora Maria Camerone, Italy
    Project title: Unveiling the Impact of Expectations on Chronic Pain: An Ecological Momentary Assessment Study

  • Lieve Filbrich, Belgium
    Project title: Multisensory interactions in pain: uncovering their effect on the motor system

  • Sampuna Chakrabarti, Germany
    Project title: Phenotype-driven neuro-proteomics to identify clinically relevant pain targets


EGG Winners 2023


The winners will be officially acknowledged during the opening ceremony of the 13th Congress of the European Pain Federation EFIC® in Budapest, Hungary from 20 to 22 September 2023.

For more information visit EFIC-GRÜNENTHAL Grant - European Pain Federation

To explore Grünenthal led or sponsored activities at EFIC 2023 connect with our medical team at our booth at the entrance of the exhibition hall and check out our symposium program (

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3 Bevan, S. et al., Reducing Temporary Work Absence Through Early Intervention: The case of MSDs in the EU, 2013
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