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Grünenthal Clinical Trial Portal

As a research-based pharmaceutical company, Grünenthal recognizes the importance of publicly registering clinical trials and making information including results available. Please consult the table below to easily find information on Grünenthal sponsored clinical trials.

Number Product Condition Brief Title Column Phase Status Results
KF7021-04 GRT7021 Closure of Surgical Incisions and Lacerations A Clinical Study to Compare MAR-CUTIS With Dermabond Advanced Ongoing No
HP8010-01; ESTNMG-04-GRU GRT8010 -- Bioequivalence of Two Fixed-dose Combination Tablets Containing Estradiol and Nomegestrol Acetate 1 Ongoing No
HP8013-01; PRG-02-GRU/PK-PVR-01 GRT8013 -- Characterization of the Pharmacokinetics of a Vaginal Ring With 2.0 g Progesterone in Post-menopausal Women 1 Ongoing No
KF5503-75 Tapentadol Moderate to severe acute pain A clinical trial to find out how much tapentadol is in the blood of children who take tapentadol every 4 hours to treat short-term pain 2 Ongoing No
KF10004/01 5% Lidocaine medicated plaster Postherpetic neuralgia 3 Completed No
KF10004/02 5% Lidocaine medicated plaster Postherpetic neuralgia 3 Completed No
KF10004/10 5% Lidocaine medicated plaster Localized chronic post-operative neuropathic pain -- 3 Completed Yes
EN3324-201 Axomadol Moderate to severe chronic low back pain -- 2 Completed No
HP0151Y/09 Axomadol -- A Clinical Study in Healthy Subjects Which Aims to Investigate the Safety, the Tolerability and the Effects of GRT0151Y and How the Compound is Taken up and Excreted From the Body 1 Completed No