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Our Innovation Hub

Today, innovation in the pharmaceutical industry is driven by constant interaction with startups, biotechs and academia. For this reason, Grünenthal established an Innovation Hub in Boston, one of the world’s largest research hotspots. In this way, we’re aiming to further internationalise our research activities and expand our network with leading scientists and institutions worldwide.

Our Innovation Hub is a centre of excellence for pain research. Leading scientists who are dedicated to addressing high unmet medical needs related to pain are being invited to join forces with us to help bring to life our vision of a world free of pain. Our Innovation Hub in Boston, USA, and was officially opened in January 2020.

The unique feature of our Innovation Hub is the combination of a small agile team that adapts the working style of a biotech and is available to our partners as direct contacts in their region, whilst having a pharmaceutical company and its end-to-end capabilities behind them. Our Innovation Hub features a team of outstanding scientists and medical doctors who are equipped to initiate and drive innovation projects independently from target identification through to clinical Proof of Concept, while also leveraging Grünenthal’s in-house R&D capabilities. In this way, we’re striving to create breakthrough medical solutions for pain patients while shaping the field in pain research.

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