EFPIA Disclosure 2023 Grünenthal Affiliates


The methodological note aims to provide a clear and simple explanation of how Grünenthal collects and discloses relevant information. The note covers definitions of transfers of value, healthcare professionals, healthcare organisations, research and development, data protection and consent topics, general questions about cross-border activities, Value Added Tax (VAT), sponsorships, etc. The methodological note is published yearly, together with the local disclosure files.

The Netherlands


National Registry

Contact Compliance:

In case of any question please send an email to compliance@grunenthal.com.

If there are questions regarding the disclosure or the data stored by Grünenthal GmbH or a demand that Grünenthal GmbH corrects, blocks or deletes any Personal Data, please contact Grünenthal GmbH in such case under compliance@grunenthal.com.

The given consent for the disclosure of the transfers of values may be revoked at any time without any reason and detrimental effect. Please address your revocation to compliance@grunenthal.com.